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Hi! It’s Terrian & Yana, Creators and Hosts of the Melanated Conversations Podcast. We started Melanated Conversations out of the desire for a sisterly community that fostered positive and authentic expression of our voices on various topics that we experience daily.  

Our stories are not often expressed from our lense. We shift this narrative and amplify our voices to topics with our perspectives in mind.

Our Narrative From Our Perspective

Every Monday, through the voices of guests of the podcast we connect and share our experiences and powerful stories of transformation. 

Feb 1, 2021

In this week’s episode, we amplify the voice of Tasha Randle. Tasha is a black woman in corporate America who previously struggled to show up authentically and often felt like she needed to wear a mask to thrive.   After taking three months off work to truly dive deep and develop her relationship with herself, her reality and God’s purpose, she found herself drawn to having conversations with Black women who were having remarkably similar experiences.  The result:  Real Talk Tasha!: a business where she helps Black women professionals find clarity, confidence and helps to create the action plan to get the things they want in their career.


 What you'll learn:

  • What Tasha’s mother valued the most that helped Tasha get ahead in life
  • How her experience as “the only one” was the foundation of Real Talk Tasha
  • When she knew she had to get ride of “The Mask”
  • What is your driving motivation for clarity and confidence for a meaningful career


CONNECT WITH: Tasha Randle





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